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Questions in derivatives

  1. Jun 6, 2010 #1
    Hi all

    I hve two Q I want the explaine how to solve

    Q1 :(A) Find an equation for tangent to curve y = X^3 - 4X + 1 at the point (2,1)

    (b ) What is the range of values of the curve's slope

    Number ( A ) I can solve it but ( B) I face problem to solve

    Q 2 derivative y = x - 3root X

    please I want the explaine how to solve How to solve each one .
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    Use the power rule for Q2. y = x - x^(1/3)
    y' = 1 - x^(-2/3)/3
    Power rule is d/dx x^n = nx^(n-1), which I'm sure you know..
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    Staff: Mentor

    In problem 1, what did you get for y'? You need that function so that you can find the range of values of the slopes of the tangent lines for the curve.
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