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Questions in power engineering

  1. May 21, 2016 #1
    May I know seek advice from experienced guys because I have interview test for my power engineering as below. Thank you.

    a) For 600A switchboard, what type of device setting need to do?
    Can I say that I need to do setting for direct acting for MCCB since more than 300A and earth fault relay setting?Any other else?

    b) How to calculate the earth fault setting since some use ELR and EFR with the setting range only 0.03A to 3A or 10A and so on for the switchboard below 700A?

    c) What is the sequence for electrical testing need to do for the bungalow when electrical installation completed before supply is turn on?

    Can I say need the test below:

    earth electrode test
    Continuity test
    Ring final circuit test
    Insulation test

    d) How we apply the value of earth fault loop impedance value and earth electrode resistance value?
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