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Homework Help: Questions of a wave formula

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    Wave forumla: y(x,t) = Asin(kx-wt)

    [] Which variables (x, t, A, k, w) are independent?

    Would k be the only independent variable since it is a constant?
    However I am not too sure what exactly does the k represents.
    Can someone please clear that up for me?

    [] Which of the following are parameters that determine the characteristics of the wave? x only, t only, A only, k only, w only, x and t, w and t, A and k and w.

    Would A and k and w determine th characteristics of the wave?
    I know that A is the amplitude of the wave and w is the angular frequency
    of the wave so those 2 has to be characteristics of the wave.

    [] What is the phase of the wave?

    That would be (kx-wt) right?

    [] What is the wavelength of the wave?

    Would that be 2pi/k?

    [] What is the period of this wave?

    Would that be 2pi/w?

    [] How do I find the speed of propagation v of this wave?

    Thank you for your help.
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    please anyone?
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    WAve function components.

    Each element has specific properties that contribute to the entire wave form. Go back and reread the text you're using.
    If it does not adequately describe the wave, locate another source.
    Do you have the capacity to graph this wave? Calculator, Maple, Mathmatica, Matlab, etc..?
    Pick values for each element, and insert into graph. Change them one at a time, and you'll see how much each affects the total form.
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