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Questions of Jacobian

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    I've written down the questions I had in the word file , please open and read it so that you can know my problems . Please give me a help!!

    PPT:http://www-astro.physics.ox.ac.uk/~sr/lectures/multiples/Lecture5reallynew.ppt" [Broken]

    PDF:http://web2.clarkson.edu/subramanian/ch527/notes/jacobian.pdf" [Broken]

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    "Word" files are notorious for harboring viruses. There are many people who will not open "Word" files created by people they do not know.
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    I'm sorry for that .

    I used word just because it is not a "big" file so that I could upload it....

    Or I need to type many functions , it may waste much time!

    Can you tell me another way to express my problem without typing formulas?
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    I've removed word and uploaded pdf instead.

    I hope there will be more people to see my questions and even solve it !:smile:
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