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Questions of the new PF (esp addressing Greg, calling everyone)

  1. Mar 18, 2003 #1

    This post is especially addressing Greg the Great, but anybody else is also welcome to answer (please!).

    1. I first visited the new PF at 13:45 Central Time March 17th 2003. I was a member of the former PF but couldn't login so I registered again. Is that the normal process or I should have waited until you move the member info to the new forum?

    2. I was posting in a few topics on the former PF. All of them are gone. Should re-build them or you have plans for a full migration?

    3. Will post counts be moved to the new forum?

    4. The former PF had funding problems and you called for donations and wrote of features only for those who donate. I would love to do so but I can't because of the reasons I've described before. Nevertheless, I'd be grateful if you inform me of the features I can't access.

    5. Am I, as a mean not-so-old member of the former PF who hasn't helped PF financially, welcome to the new grounds? I don't want to annoy anyone coming to a place where I'm not welcome.

    And after all,


    PhysicsForums is really the best and Greg Bernhardt is a great being for running such great forum and for his own being.
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    Another God

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    I'll answer what I can, correct where wrong whoever knows better than me:

    1. Registering on the old PF twice was fine if the first registration failed. Registering before the change over will have no effect on your new registration now. This is all new, nothing you have done in the past will matter.

    2. Migration will not occur. Re-create.

    3. Post counts will start from 0 for everyone.

    4. I get the impression that such features have not yet been implemented. I suggest that you will be informed of such changes as they occur, and until then, don't worry yourself about it.

    5. I'm sure you are 100% welcome. Not everyone is on even financial grounds here. Some work, some are retired, some are students, some are still in High School. You can't expect everyone to be able to contribute the same amount. Some people come from countries where the exchange rate is like 4x the exchange rate of other countries or more!

    PF needs financial help to stay afloat. Simple as that. If you can help out, you are asked to do so. greg has been great by doing all of this himself so far, but one man can only do so much.

    Just ebcause he is now asking for help, does not mean that he has suddenly become a despotic ruler, kicking out all of the ungrateful infidels who plague his precious virtual desert... :wink:

    (Thats my impression of the situation anyway. Awaiting confirmation...)
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    Another God did a very good Job at answering your questions. I would just like to elaborate on questions 4 and 5.

    4. During the begining phase of our fund rasing I had mentioned we might use a subscription service to help fund PF. At this time I don't intend to use such a program as members have really stepped up to the plate and are continuing to take responsiblity for PF's future. It is great to see. However, that doesn't mean these financially supportive members won't get some type of bonus on the forums. I am working on some ideas to help recognize these finanically supportive members other than the donation page.

    One thing I do want to stress to members is that we aren't at our goal yet. Some who thought of donating might not because we are close and think someone else will meet the goal for them. We need to continue to show our support and sprint to the finish line, not jog. Also once we meet our projected goal we need to continue to support PF as a whole nother $765 will be needed next year. Lets not forget that.

    5. You are definately most welcome to continue where you left off on PF 2.0 and that is my wish for everyone. We all miss some things about the old PF, but I believe these early tumbles will pass and we will continue in full stride with PF 3.0. The new PF system offers so much more speed, scalability, features and modules that I really believe this time we are truely home for good.

    I want to thank everyone for the "smooth" migration. Thank you to our mentors and advisors who have had to relearn alot of tools and they helped beta test everything. We had some problems early on and I apologize for that. However, it seems everthing is set now. So lets not back down, but continue on to show the world what a great community we are!!
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    Thanks Another God and Greg!

    That was much info and much relief.

    And the new PF is really better. There are so many rounded corners now which were sharp points on the former PF, like this newest first (the newer the better, milk strategy!) ordering of previous posts in the "Post Reply" form.

    And what about all the members of the former PF? There were around 2000 members but now only 194.
  6. Mar 20, 2003 #5


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    Looks like we should make A.G. a mentor.

    Mass extinction event. The well adapted will survive. :wink:
  7. Mar 23, 2003 #6

    Another God

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    mmmm...genetic drift.... *drools*
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