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Questions of the Universe

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    Here are several perplexing questions that i have been pondering recently and i really dont know who I would ask this so im just asking everywhere. since every action has an equal and opposite reaction is there an anti-universe does gravity effect itself? is there anti gravity? do antimatter particles effect itself by destroying itself into nothing? do massless particles exist an do they effect each other gravitation wise?
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    What is an "anti-universe" ? Is that something you just dreamed up?
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    ya but think about it if every action has an equal and opposite action wouldn't the creation of matter have to have a opposite reaction?
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, chuckosity!

    You have a good question, and I have often wondered the same thing (just the part about an anti-universe). I actually think it is "possible". This is what is often called an "ad hoc" hypothesis. Which is to say we dream it up knowing there is no real way to check it out.

    There is no fundamental difference between matter and anti-matter. You could call our universe "anti-matter" and there would be no meaningful difference in what we would witness in experiments. It is *possible* that the big bang created both a universe and an anti-universe. Were that the case, each would go a different direction in time. However, this idea is completely speculative and we have no way to verify the idea. As such, that essentially puts it outside the realm of normal science.

    As to particles and anti-particles destroying themselves into nothing: there IS something that results, and that is energy. Energy is conserved. Also: Massless particles DO have a connection to the gravitational field. Good questions, you should keep reading about this and learn more.
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