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  1. Okay, Can someone do these for me so I can understand acceleration:

    My car can reach a maximum speed of 150km/hr. And my car can acclerate at 5km/hr2. How long will it take for my car to reach 150km/hr from rest.
    I know acceleration is the velocity of the velocity and the eqn for acceleration but I don't know how it works.
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    From the definition of acceleration as the rate of change of velocity, the average acceleration will equal the change in velocity divided by the time:
    a = (Vf - Vi)/t or Vf = Vi + at

    Plugging in your values and solving for time gives: t = 30 hr.
  4. So in 1 hour, it went from 0km/hr to 5km/hr. And in the 2nd, it went to 10km\hr. In 5 hours, how much distance did it cover?
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    At the end of 5 hours, its speed will be 25 km/hr. During those 5 hours the average speed, since it started from rest, is 12.5 km/hr. Use that speed to calculate the distance: 62.5 km.
  6. 1hr=5km/hr
    at the end of 5hr, it will be 15km\hr x 5hr, which is 75km.
    Why is the answer 62.5km?
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    These are the speeds at those times. So?
    What's this supposed to represent? Not the distance travel in each hour, I hope.

    If that's what you're doing, start by working out the distance traveled in the first hour. Hint: It's not 5 km.

    (I'm going to split off this discussion into a separate thread in "Intro Phys".)
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