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Questions on basic forces

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    Hi. I'm a fourteen year old student and after asking a teacher some questions I was shown this video. Is it accurate?
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    The fact that both neutron and neutrino are spelled incorrectly, and the weird collection of some elementary and two composite particles in the title (with electron appearing twice?) suggests "no". Also, the video description looks odd.
    I don't want to waste 30 minutes of time to check the video in detail if everything else indicates a crappy video.

    Also, what means accurate? Those colorful videos never represent the actual science. They are some attempt to visualize what the formulas tell us. Some descriptions are better, some are worse, but they are all extremely simplified.
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    It's appears very, very borderline. Some of the basic facts, like how each force has gauge bosons, is correct, but much of the information on virtual particles is extremely watered down and analogized, so much so that it barely contains any facts on the subject. I only watched about 1 minute of the video, so I can't judge anything else.
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    It really is a big issue for beginners like yourself getting the facts. Due to the complicated advanced nature of this stuff often the watered down popularisations miss the mark.

    There are few books/videos of that type I would recommend.

    One however is Feynman:

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    A very good popular book (despite its inappropriate title) is

    L. Ledermann, D. Teresi, The God Particle
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