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Questions on pinhole camera.

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    what kind of image is formed from the pinhole camera when the pinhole is small?what kind of image is formed from several pinholes?what kind of image is formed from a large pinhole?
    how would i describe these images?
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    Hummm, photography 101 tells me that the camera with a small pinhole is going to produce am image with a large Depth of Field but at the cost of a darker image. The large pinhole will allow in a great amount of light but at the cost of a more shallow DOF. Not sure about the several pinholes one though...
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    I don't think depth of field is quite the concept you want since pinholes don't focus at any specific distance. Just plain blurry vs sharp is the distinction. For several pinholes how about "multiple exposure"?
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    thanks alot!but what about the several pinholes?
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