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Questions on the herbicide triazine

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    Some questions on the herbicide triazine:

    Triazines block the photosystem II complex in the electron transport chain in the thylakoid membrane of plants. This occurs because triazine attaches to the D1 protein in Photosystem II at the same position where plastoquinone A should attach. Triazine resistant weeds are prevalent and present a major agricultural problem.

    1. How is the functioning of the electron transport chain and process of phosynthesis affected by the presence of triazine molecules?
    2. How could a plant be resistant to triazine molecules?
    3. Why have these weeds become a widespread problem in the environment?
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    Re: Triazine

    You should look on the electron transport chain for human and the effect of arsenic. This is question is fairly simple if you know how photosyntheis work and what it does for the plant.

    Similar to some antibitotics resistance mechanism in bacteria, a mutation in the target site. Do a google search with triazine resistance mechanism and you will find info.

    Similar to some problem with antibitotic resistant bacteria
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    Thanks. I like how you didn't directly answer the questions. It let's me do the research.
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    I am not here to do your homework :wink:
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