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Homework Help: Questions on WKB approximation

  1. Sep 1, 2006 #1
    The description in P.252in liboff's quantum mechanics,

    I cannot not figure out the continuity and continue in first order derivative of the wave function
    \varphi_I = \frac{1}{\sqrt{\kappa}} \exp {(\int_{x_1}^{x} \kappa dx)}

    in (7.184)
    \varphi_{\amalg} = \frac{2}{\sqrt{k}} \exp {(\int_{x_1}^{x} k dx + \pi/4)}

    and (7.185)

    The potenial is
    V(x) = E - F_1 (x-x_1)

    F1 is a constant
    where the boundary is in x1
    Thank you!
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