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    Will our avatars be moved over for us, or will we need to do something ourselves to get that moving?

    Where's the Active Topics/Recent Topics button?

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  3. I didn't find a active topics button too.
    But here is some tips.
    -To find the newest topics, press the little "search" button on the upper right corner, and there search by date for a small date (like yesterday).
    -When you browse the forums, a thread with a black point at the middle of its icon will indicate that you have already replied to this thread.
    -A thread which's icon is yellow indicates there are new posts, a blue icon indicates there are no new posts.
    -To be able to track certain topics, you can click the link at the end of the topic saying "Subscripe to this topic", and then you can check your topic subscriptions from the "User CP" (CP=Control Panel). Note that you will have to select a certain date to show the subscriptions from that date.

    EDIT: I found the button.
    After you log in, and on the main page of the PF (the home page), look at the upper right corner of the screen (not exactly the corner .. but ..).
    You will see something saying "Welcome Back X", under it there is a link called "New Posts", simply click this one :smile:
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  4. Greg Bernhardt

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    In addition to that you are able to mark specific topics "read" or even forums or even the whole board!
  5. I don't know if this seems silly.
    But i didn't find anywhere to mark a certain topic as 'read', i only found a button that marks the whole board as 'read' !
  6. Quite like the new site. Great speed, hopefully that isn't entirely dependent on the amount of data content.

    Are you going to make the PF2 available or is it already. I'm sure there's heaps of stuff in there people would hate to lose or would prefer to not have to go over again. Things like the 'physics Napster' list or other personal crusades.

    Also other helpful links would be nice, like in PF2 and the shuttle speed and stars thingy was kinda fun.

  7. Greg Bernhardt

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    Raavin, an archive of PF2 is availiable with a donation of $20 or more.
  8. Egads!!!

    Thats about 33.7194 AUD at the moment. Unfortunately I don't have a credit card. Is there any other way to pay and does that include purchases of merchandise???

    Raavin [?]
  9. Greg Bernhardt

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  10. Although I love the new format and everything, one thing really saddens me. Each time we change our signature, it changes on all the posts we've made.
    I kind of liked reading through the old posts in PF 2 and seeing all the different signatures that each member went through. Some of them were very worthy of notice.
  11. Another God

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    NO rush Greg, but I'm still waiting to hear from you what we need to do to get our Avatars back on.

    Wil u do it, should we pm you a link to our avatars, should we email you the image... or what would u like us to do? (I just want my old TOOL eye thing back. I think it has come to define me as me )
  12. Greg Bernhardt

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    Hi AG, your now able to upload your own avatar from your user cp.
  13. Another God

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    Doesn't want to be a pain in the back side... but can't get his avatar to be the right size (64x64) and still be an animation. You managed to do this for me last time Greg...can I ask the same favour again?

    The avatar comes from

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