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Homework Help: Questions regarding help

  1. Jul 26, 2008 #1
    Hi everyone, I am new on the forum and I am hoping to pick up your knowledge.
    I am getting ready for my coming class (Mechanics of Materials) and I am start to solve some of the problems of my textbook, but I have some questions that I will like to be clarified, for that I have the problems already saved on pdf files, as well as word documents (I did the graphics, etc) some of them were easy to solve others, I am kind of lost, how can I upload the files so you guys can take a look, and let me know if they were alternative solutions, shorter steps, and/or show me the right way
    Thanks in advance
    and cheers to everyone
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    You could post it as an attachment, pending moderator approval. It's advisable to stick to non-infectable files such as JPEGs or PDFs.
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