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Questions regarding infinity

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    I have a few questions regarding infinity. Its pretty long so I thought of putting it up on my site instead of here, sorry about that.

    The URL is: http://deydas.com/blog/archives/4-What-is-infinity.html .

    Can anybody answer my question please?!

    Thank you.
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    I think I can simplify. Infinity is an unphysical result. That it is to say it is meaningless in this universe. It is a concept that has no counterpart in perceptual reality. Much like the concept of 'nothing' or 'everything' in philosophy. In science, unphysical models of perceptual reality are routinely disregarded. They cannot be quantified, hence have no predictive power in this universe.
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    matt grime

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    The simplest way to grasp the definition (and like all maths that's all this is) is to only ever use the word infinite, as in not finite, instead of trying to shoe horn in "infinity" which, mathematically, is just a shorthand for behaviour that is unbounded.

    Rather than say "there is an infinity of natural numbers", instead think "the set of natural numbers is infinite" ie "the set of natural numbers is not finite".
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