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Quetsion about Mirror Matter

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    Quetsion about "Mirror Matter"

    Hello All,
    Some physicists today call about "mirror matter"( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_matter )
    On some other forums,some people suggested that this mirror matter may help to solve maind/body problem.Ana some even supposed that existence of the mirror matter implies that we have a copies of ourselves into this miro matter,though mechanism about such copying is unknown.
    What do you think about mirror matter and copying of ourselves into it?Could that be true?
    I'm somewhat skeptical ,byt who knows...
    Any thoughts will be appreciated
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    Re: Quetsion about "Mirror Matter"

    I'm pretty sure that you started a thread on this some time ago and it was explained to you that any claims of mirror matter as explanations for the mind were both unsubstantiated and in contradiction to current scientific understandings.

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    Re: Quetsion about "Mirror Matter"

    Hi Ryan,nice to see you again.Yes,there we discussed Wassermann's ideas about shadow matter.Now,ther reason I'm posting here is that just yesterday I bumped into one forum(ol one),discussing mirror matter without regarding Wassermann's idea,but mentioned Bob Holdom particle,that can intermediate between normal and mirror matter.And one person suggested that if mirror matter exists,then we have a copies of ourselves into it.Agree/Disagree?
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    Re: Quetsion about "Mirror Matter"

    Nice to see you too. Shadow matter is just another term for mirror matter, it is the same thing. Bob Holdom has proposed that there may be a particle called the mirror photon which would be the same as the photon but only interact with mirror matter the same way photons interact with matter. It would not be a mediator between normal and mirror matter as the only way it would interact with normal matter is through gravity the same as mirror matter. I'm no expert so I don't know how valid claims of mirror photons are beyond the fact that there is no experimental evidence for their existence, I would advise if you want to know more about shadow/mirror matter you ask it in one of the physics subforums.

    The idea that if mirror matter exists then there must be copies of us makes as much sense as suggesting that because there are other planets in the universe there must be real matter copies of us. Whilst not impossible it is highly improbable (more so because there is no evidence mirror matter exists) and contributes nothing to the study of the hard problem of consciousness (the more technical term for the body/mind relationship).
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    Re: Quetsion about "Mirror Matter"

    Thanks,Ryan,I'll post this question in physics subforums.By the way,after I read that forum yesterday,I called to Bob Holdom,and asked him about "coying" into the mirror matter body.He by himself told he doesn't believe it.He also doesn't believe in secondary body and he even told me: "well,there may not be mirror matter around us"
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    Re: Quetsion about "Mirror Matter"

    It seems that the idea of "mirror matter" once started in the realm of theoretical physics. It was postulated to solve parity violations in weak interactions after such violations were discovered in experimental data.

    As far as I can tell, there's no evidence of this "mirror matter" and *certainly* nothing that links it with biochemistry or neuroscience.

    It sounds like pseudo-science creeping into fringe-science.
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    Re: Quetsion about "Mirror Matter"

    Good points,thanks FlexGunship
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