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Queuing Theory

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    I have to solve this exercise and i stuck any help???
    we have 20 scietists arrive per hour and the x-ray station can proccess 45 employees per hour. the company spends a total of $65 per hour per employee. X-ray machines cost $50.000 and the wages and fringe benefits of operators amount to $30.000 per year. how many machines will we buy??? my question is not how to solve the problem (i have a programm to do that) , but i have a hard time to understand which is the waiting cost and which tha service cost and we also have a fixd cost to... help please!!!!!
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    Your rate constant is 20 is events per hour for scientists, so your mean waiting time between arrivals is 0.05 hour (it's always better to keep everything in terms of the same time unit). Can you take it from there?
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    I'm looking for the waiting cost and the service cost.. It's already given in the topic the numbers but i'm not sure which is which because there is also a fixed cost included .. i'm looking for the data of the problem not the solution.. i hope i was clear!!!
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    We generally don't answer these types of questions. This is a math/science forum, not an accounting/business forum. Since you already claim to know the math, you can see you have excess capacity which is costing money. Perhaps someone else will help calculate the costs for you. And please, no more of the "!!!!!!"
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