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  1. Jan 7, 2009 #1
    I'm applying for math PhD programs; will a B- in physics (quantum mechanics) hurt my chances (or, more generally, a bad grade in an area other than math, but which makes substantial use of math)?

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    Yes, it will hurt. Less than having a bad grade in a math class, but it will hurt quite a bit.
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    I think if your interest is in applied maths it will hurt more than if you are going into set theory or mathematical logic, in which case it has no relevance, so it shouldn't hurt you much at all. I suppose it might have some weight if you are going for analysis, but it has little to do with algebra/group theory....and so on and so forth. A B- in a quasi related subject won't kill you.
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    Thank you. How much would my chances be hurt if I retook the class and obtained an A (the original grade would still appear on my transcript)? I'm also applying for mid-tier schools, not the top ones.
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    How about getting an A in the next quantum class down the list (even if it ends up being a grad course), instead of retaking this one? Although this would probably be too much work for something that's not even your main subject area...

    What kind of math are you thinking about?
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