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Quick! Ask me what I saw today

  1. Dec 23, 2004 #1
    I saw something really cool. Maybe the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life.
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    I thought Moonbear was on vacation...
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    Screw everyone! You aren't going to ask are you? FINE I'll tell you anyway.
    Picture this:
    A truck is loaded with 10' long pieces of rebar (iron rods 1/4" thick). The rebar is so long that they are placed on a special rack and stretch from the front to the rear of the truck over the roof.
    Now picture this truck driving down the freeway and the driver not paying attention and slamming into a car stopped in the road.
    Now remember Newton.
    The rebars keep moving along at a high rate of speed. Javelin like they slam through the rear window of the car, keep moving through the car and shatter the front windshield from the inside.
    Now picture the driver of that car suddenly surrounded by 15-20 spears. Now picture 2 of those spears, one on each side of the drivers head each less than 1/2" away. Now picture the driver getting out and discussing the entire incident with the drivers of the truck. Nobody was hurt, but WOW!!
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    Seriously? That is one lucky guy! :bugeye:
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    When is the funny part coming?
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    I don't know, how close are you to a mirror?
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    I liked The Professional's answer better. :wink: But, that is pretty amazing! Really lucky for the driver of the car! Wow sounds about right!
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    So the truck driver turned his vehicle into a rail gun. Damn that other guy was lucky.
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    Sadly, one guy around here wasn't so lucky. We passed an accident scene Christmas Eve (early afternoon I guess it was, since I was home with my nephew later in the day) and some guy on a bicycle had been hit by a car. It didn't look good at all. They were rolling him onto the backboard as we passed. I can only hope it was a low speed collision (the bike didn't look too damaged, I couldn't see the person too clearly through all the emergency workers) and the backboard was a standard precaution. He'd be lucky if he just had a broken leg or arm out of it (it happened near the entrance to a shopping center where I get nervous about driving into or out of, the idea of venturing near those crazy drivers on a bicycle or on foot gives me the heebee jeebees).
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    Moonbear, you're correct about the backboard and C-collar being standard precautions. I used to volunteer as an EMT at the local rescue squad and we often based our level of treatment on the mechanism of injury rather than the actual visible injuries.

    I remember one accident in particular we drove up on, where we found a SUV that had driven off the road and flipped several times. I could see a foot sticking out the driver's side window and I was convinced he must be dead, but it turned out I was very wrong. Not only was he alive, but we couldn't find *anything* wrong with him, save for a few bruises. We still put him on a backboard and even flew him out on the chopper because of the violence of the crash.

    As for the driver and the rebar, sounds like he was very unlucky indeed. I knew a paramedic who refused to drive a car with a tire iron in it. She had worked an accident once where a guy had a tire iron in the back seat and it had punched through the front seat and into the driver. :eek:
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