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Quick calc question for Dy/Dx

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    Ok i have an easy function:

    1/(5x^7sqrt(x)) Now i am asked to derive this. What would be the best method. I thought about the quotent rule, and i'm thinkin thats my best bet. Also, does anyone know if there is a program out there that shows steps to Derivaties and Intergration. I have my final comming up and i want to know if i'm doing all of my review problems correctly.
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    Do you mean


    If so, this can be written as


    and differentiated using the power rule.

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    ahhh whoops, i forgot about that, Thanks for the help.
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    Your description of the function is not clear. Is the sqrt(x) also in the exponent ?

    If you mean y = 1/[5*x^{7*sqrt(x)}], it's a little harder. Then you take the logarithm on both sides - which converts the exponent into a product - before differentiating.

    That way, the answer would be y' = [-7/{sqrt(x)*x^(7*sqrt(x))}]*[1 - (1/2)*log(x)]
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