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Quick dynamics lab question

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    Hey here's a quick easy quetion, just to make sure doing a lab and please answer right away if possible. A dynamics cart moving with speed v is made to collide "head-on" with a second dynamics cart of equal mass, which is initially at rest. Well I predicted that both have equal masses they will experience the same roughly veolicity, is that correct?

    But what if they collide on with same speed?
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    Both carts have the same speed and same mass. The situation is completely symmetric. What do YOU think will happen?
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    No, they don't. At least, not at the same time...(grin)
    Initially, one car is at rest, the other is not.

    Hint: ever played snooker?
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    Doc Al

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    I believe HallsofIvy was discussing the second question.
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    Yep, that was what I intended to answer but I didn't make that clear.

    game, if you are still working on this- you really need more information. If you are assuming perfectly elastic collisions, then use conservation of momentum and conservation of energy to get two equations for the two final speeds.
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