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Quick explanation for wormholes

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    i think this is kinda dumb but oh well

    Can someone give me a detailed explianation. All i know is that they are holes thorugh space time that make a strait line not the shortest route, and they are only open for short times and mircoscopic.

    Also could water hold them open?
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    That's not a dumb question at all. I've actually been wondering her the same thing.
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    I'd try John Cramer's science column from Analog, which you can find online at

    http://www.zamandayolculuk.com/cetinbal/AlternateViewColumnAV3.htm [Broken]

    for some basic discussion of wormholes The second question, at least, is easy to answer - water can't hold open wormholes, it takes "exotic matter".
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    Wormholes allow for "teleportation" from one point in spacetime to another. I put teleport in quotes because the points are adjacent (near eachother) in spacetime, even if they do not appear adjecent in space.

    This is not the case, theoretically, and all discussion of wormholes is theoretical at this time.

    Wormholes are generated by extreme gravitation. I can't see anyway for water to involved.
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    What would consitute "exotic matter"? I know this much:_: which is nothing on this subject. Which is why it interests me. :wink:
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    Pervect, that was a cool link by the way. One thing that wasn't mentioned in the article was how a wormhole is created. How is a wormhole created?
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