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Quick help with graphing something on the TI

  1. Mar 14, 2005 #1
    ok so the point of this was to solve the problems using one of three methods:

    Directions for problems #13-26: Use your calculator to estimate the solution accurate to 2 decimal places. Try one of the following methods: 1) guess and check on the homescreen (LONG AND TEDIUS! forget this way! :zzz: :yuck: ) 2) use the TABLE feature or 3) use a graphing approach.
    15. [tex] 5(2)^t=5000[/tex]

    ok so i got the answer algebraically however i dont know how the heck i'm gonna get that answer using the "TABLE feature" or the "graphing approach."??

    how would u even insert that into the grapher?

    would you put it into the calculator like this?:
    y= 5(2)^X-5000
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    Yes. Find the x-intercept of [tex] y = 5(2)^x - 5000[/tex], or, equivalently, of [tex] y = 2^x - 1000[/tex].
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    so basically, when y=0, that's what i have to figure out? :confused:

    ok so i got that, it would be about 9.97 which is approximately what i got using the algebraic method, however, how would you do this using the table feature? :uhh:

    THANK YOU BTW!! :biggrin:
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    I don't have a TI-83, so I can't help you with that one :)

    I imagine it is some sort of feature that lists values of x and corresponding values of y.
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    yea thats correct...well u've helped out a lot man! thanks! :cool:
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