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Quick homework check !

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    Quick homework check plz!

    Two particles of masses 1 and 2 are moving with velocities 4i and i-√3j on a smooth table. They collide and stick together.
    Show that the resultant particle has velocity 2(i-j /√3)
    My solution so far:
    http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c109/mathsnerd/e1f01885.jpg" [Broken]
    Have I approached the question correctly by using the conservation of momentum equation and is my last line the same as the answer given in the question? :confused: I'm not too fond of cancelling square roots...
    Thanks for your time!
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    Doc Al

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    Looks OK to me. (The arrow you drew to represent the final velocity isn't pointing in the right direction, though. :smile: )

    To simplify the last expression, divide each term by 3, realizing that [itex]3 = \sqrt{3} * \sqrt{3}[/itex].
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    oh, thanks! :biggrin: glad to know im doing it right :smile:
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