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LaTeX Quick LaTex question (sorry)

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    Sorry if this is against the rules but found no good place to ask a quick LaTex question:

    I'm writing a thesis and in chapter 5 I have >10 figures. When I use
    Code (Text):
    on figure 5.13 and then
    Code (Text):
    figure \ref{figureX}
    in a paragraph, it compiles as "figure 5.3" instead of "figure 5.13".
    All the other figures with single digits e.g. figure 5.7 work fine to reference. Somehow it eats the 1 in 5.13 and leaves it as 5.3

    Yes I tried Google. Anyone know why this happens?
    I appreciate it!
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    They did help. Thanks a lot, problem solved it was a typo on my part and those references made me realize it.
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    The "good place" here is the "Math & Science Software" subforum of "Computers & Technology." Being a subforum, it's easy to overlook, so you're forgiven. :smile:

    I've moved this thread there.
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