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Homework Help: Quick math quesiton

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    tan(theta) + tan(theta) is equal to tan(2theta) right? just want to make sure
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    No. tan(theta) + tan(theta) is just 2tan(theta).

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    [tex]tan \theta + tan \theta = 2 tan \theta = tan 2 \theta ( 1-tan^2 \theta) [/tex]
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    yea first i thought that tan(theta) + tan(theta) was 2tan(theta), but it didnt make sense for some reason cause it's 2*tan(theta), if you did a integral, can you take out the 2? to look like [tex]2\int tan(theta)[/tex]

    maybe i'm thinking too much, cause it's really really late right now, well i'm going to get some sleep. thanks for the help
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    Yes and what you have is 1*tan (theta) + 1*tan (theta).

    An integral. Yes you can take the 2 out. You missed the d(theta) as well :smile:.
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