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Homework Help: Quick maths question

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    please can someone help me with this :

    Is 1 / (ab/d)^x/y the same as (d/ab) ^x/y ?

    Does the order matter ?

    Also, if I have to simplify root 10/root 160 and put it into surd form is 1/4
    wrong ?


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    So yes, it is the same



    So you are again correct
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    I assume you are talking about the expression:
    By ordinary rules of arithmetic, we have:

    Secondly, we have for positive, real numbers a,b:
    Hmm..dawillem beat me here..
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    Dear Arildno,

    The bit that says by the ordinary rules of arithmetic we have....

    Why did you apply the x/y to the top and bottom ?
    I thought it only applies to whats inside the brackets at the bottom ?
    Please can you explain this for me

    Also for the last bit, on roots, if it was root minus x / root minus y what is the general answer for that ?


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    It just made it easier and 1a=1 for any value of a.
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    Response to your first question: My understanding is the expressions are equivalent, as would be
    1/((ab^x/y)/d^x/y) and (d^x/y)/(ab^xy). You need to observe any hierarchy is all.

    The second is numerically correct. Unless you need to express it as root 1/16 or 1/root 16 for some reason.
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