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Quick Minitab Question Please

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    I have a scatterplot X is just 30 given values. Y is 2*X + eps, where eps is a random figure. The Plot is Y vs X

    I am asked to fit 2 lines

    Y= ax +b by least squared method


    X = cy +d


    I do not know which command to use on minitab. Is this just standard regression? if so how do I fit the X = cy +d line. is there any difference?

    Do I just use the fitted line plot? and if so how do i plot X = cy +d on the same graph??

    Thanks in advance! ( and sorry if this is very basic I am new to minitab)
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    The regression command in Minitab can be found with this sequence of menu steps:

    Stat --> Regression --> Regression

    You will be asked to specify the response and predictor variables. Run the regression procedure twice - once with Y as response and x as predictor, the second time with the roles reversed.

    If all you want is the fitted line plot (two of them, one for each of your cases)

    Stat --> Regression --> Fitted Line Plot

    and follow the same idea for specifying variables.
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