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Quick notation question

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    I want to be able to say the following with mathematical symbols;

    1) A is any integer.
    2) A is a non-integer (not a whole number).

    Please help.

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    For example:
    1) [tex]A\in\mathcal{Z}[/tex]
    2) [tex]A\notin\mathcal{Z}[/tex]
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    [itex]A[/itex] is an integer: [itex]A\in\mathbb Z[/itex].
    [itex]A[/itex] is not an integer: [itex]A\notin\mathbb Z[/itex].
    [itex]A[/itex] is a real number which is not an integer: [itex]A\in\mathbb R\backslash\mathbb Z[/itex].
    [itex]A[/itex] is not a whole number: [itex]A\notin\mathbb Z_+[/itex].
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