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Homework Help: Quick physics problem i need help with

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    A sinusoidal wave is travelingh along a rope. The oscillator that generates the wave completes 40.0 vibrations in 30.0s. Also, a given maximum travels 425cm along the rope in 10.0s. What is the wavelength?
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    The wavelength is (among other things) the distance travelled by a given maximum in one period (one cycle of oscillation). You can find the period given the numbers you have. The period is the time taken for 1 cycle/vibration.

    T = 30.0s/40.0 vibrations = 0.750 seconds/vibration

    = distance travelled/cycle
    = distance travelled/second * seconds/cycle
    = 4.25m/10.0s * 0.750s/cycle
    = 0.31875 m/cycle
    = 0.319 m (you don't really have to say, "/cycle")

    so the wavelength (notice that it's only good to 3 significant digits) is 31.9 cm.
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