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Quick Physics Problem

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    A laborer who weighs 600N is to carry 5 sacks of rice from the ground to the second floor of a storehouse. If the distance betweeen floors is 3.5m and the weight of each sack is 50kg of force, find the total work done against gravity if the laborer carries only one sack at a time.

    Include your solution please. I really dont get this
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    bump, please i really need help
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    anyone use this forum ?
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    1. You posted in the wrong forum (it has been moved). Notice that the 2nd forum listed from the TOP is the Homework/Coursework forum.

    2. Look at the guidelines required in the Homework forum. You can't just ask someone to do the whole problem for you. You must show what you have attempted, what you know, and where exactly did you get stuck. No one will do your homework for you.

    Unless you do that, not many people here will help you.

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    I will make one hint -- double check the question. Kg is not a unit of force or weight.
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