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Homework Help: Quick q - benzoic acid and % yeild

  1. Jun 13, 2007 #1
    i'v synthesized benzoic acid from benzyl alcohol and i have a theoretical value for the yield and and experimental yield of impure acid.

    Theoretical Yield = 5.93g
    Impure Yield from experiment = 6.13g

    Now, my paper asks for the percentage yield of my impure acid, how does that work?

    If i do:
    6.13/5.93 x 100 then im going to get a percentage yield of 103.4%

    Is that right? surely i can get a yield greater than 100% ?

    Later in the experiment it asks for the yield of pure acid which i have done with a reasonable %, i just dont understand it for the impure acid.
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    Your yield for a crude material can be anything... even >100%. You must explain (rationalize) the impurity in your discussion and suggest a method for its removal.
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