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Quick Question About Equation

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    1. An Alaskan rescue team drops a package of emergency rations to a stranded hiker. The plane is traveling horizontally at 40 m/s at a height of 100m above the ground. A) Where does the package strik the ground relative to the point at which it was released? B) What are the horizontal and vertical components of the velocity of the package just before it hits the ground?

    2. H=1/2gt^2
    AND apparantly ΔY=ViTf+1/2ATf^2

    3. So I'm not quite sure why you can't use the free fall equation...that was my first guess but it just seems too easy. The book says to use the third equation I put above, however I don't know how to completely solve it.
    I got this far....
    100=?(would the Vi be 40m/s??)Tf+1/2(9.8)Tf^2
    I know I'll end up with a Tf & Tf^2 on the right side of the equation, but I don't know what to do to solve.

    Right, and then part B I'm soooo lost
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    100m is vertical or horizontal?
    40m/s is vertical or horizontal velocity?
    PS: This ques is just like rolling marble ques.
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    100m is vertical
    40m/s is horizontal
    Could you help me figure out how to solve the ΔY=ViTf+1/2ATf^2 part please

    P.P.S-Really? In that one I had to find Vi too....
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    here also you have it

    initial horizontal velocity is same as of _____
    and initial vertical is 0 as it is just dropped
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