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Quick question about I.Q

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    When it comes to your I.Q how big of a factor does memory play,and what about concentration?

    If you have an amazing memory and you can recall most of the information you previously learned with ease,then it will be really easy for you to do well on a test or tackle new concepts that are related to what you have all ready learned because you have built the base of that concept in your mind and it will be really easy to build up from there,especially if you have an amazing memory.

    And if you have the ability to stay concentrated for long periods of time without losing interest or focus combined with a great memory it will be easy for you to understand almost any concept with the right amount of time and work contributed to learning that concept.

    So what we call "I.Q" can really just be boiled down to having a great memory accompanied with a great concentration.

    I know there are things on I.Q tests that measure fluid intelligence like pattern recognition,but things like that can be learned with time.

    Just want peoples opinion on this subject.

    I know it's not well written,but i was in a hurry to write this.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Very few people actually are administered IQ tests. The games online that call themselves IQ tests, are not IQ tests.

    Yes, there are aspects to the IQ test that could be "learned" or improved on, which is why the actual tests are not online (Although I am sure someone could find all or parts. I'm sure someone has them uploaded), and they are administered by a licensed psychologist. They will tell you to stop an exercise if you take too long.

    This must be the 10 millionth IQ thread. How many people want to ban IQ threads? :smile:
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    I vote to ban them (maybe we should do a poll?). I don't understand why people are so fixated with IQ scores.

    I'd love to know how the IQ of famous historical figures is "estimated". My guess is some guy just pulls them out of his a$$ to entice people to take his bogus online IQ test.
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    It was a simple question.I'm curious of what people think about the validity of i.q tests.

    If you don't like I.Q threads don't post in them.Simple as that.
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    Not exactly - we do have some say. There are many topics we don't discuss because they are futile. IQ threads could very well land on that pile.

    Do a search, you'll discover how many times it's been discussed here.
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    Seems like a good place to stop.
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