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Homework Help: Quick question about logarithms

  1. Jun 13, 2006 #1
    I'm only in gr.11 right now, and I was looking at a gr.12 textbook, since this isn't really homework I decided to post this here, is that ok or is this the wrong board?

    Well anyway, it asked what the range of of the function y = b ^ n would be (and the domain) and also if log(b) n could ever be negative or 0.

    Could someone please help?
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    Err, a correction quickly, it asks the range of y = b^ n and what that means for the domain of log(b) n, it still asks if log(b) n can ever be 0 or negative though.
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    Oh and an explained answer(not just a one word one) is hoped for.
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    ur question is really confusing im doing yr 12 and started log about 2 weeks ago. but i can giv u some infos . it may not b correct lol.
    if u type in calculator log0 or ln0 u get an MA error. so yeh the domain is x>0
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