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Quick question about my web browser

  1. Dec 18, 2003 #1
    My Internet browser (IE) loses the menu bar (?) (the bar with File, Edit, etc.) occasionally.

    I've tried everything possible and I can't get the menu bar to come back. I know there is some sort of secret to it and I just can't figure it out. Anyone have a clue?
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    Use firebird or opera. That will solve your problem.

    Try pressing "Alt-f" to see if you can uncover it. I'm pretty sure someone had this same problem a while ago. Try doing a search on this forum for it.
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    Yes, it is called the Menu bar.
    You may be going into Full Screen mode. In IE6 you switch in and out of this mode by pressing F11.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Dduardo, I've tried alt + f and it didn't work, but I know there is something along those lines that will get back my menu bar. I'm afraid to experiment out of fear of further screwing up the browser :wink:

    Boulderhead, I know what you are referring to when you mention full-screen mode. Unfortunetly, the address bar and the row with back, forward, stop, refresh, etc. are in "normal" mode (not-full screen). If I hit f11, it goes into fullscreen mode as you said it would, but when I toggle the f11 again, it goes back to its normal mode and the menu bar is still missing.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys.
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    Are you using win98 and IE version 5?

    You might try booting into safemode which will cause Explorer to set some of its settings back to default (this may not affect IE, however).

    There are some Start > Run commands that might also help, although simply reinstalling IE might be worth considering.

    Reinstalling IE6;


    Menu Bar Disappears After Using Internet Explorer for a While;
    http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=234012 [Broken]
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    Can you see any other (tool)bar?
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