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Quick question on disk defragmentation

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    I'm at the library, and while studying for my last final, I am running disk defragmenter on my laptop. It has been running for a little over 3 hours now and the library closes in 20 minutes. If it is not finished by the time the library closes, will I have to wait another 3+ hourswhen I get home, or will it pretty much pick up where it left off?

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    Generally they pick up where they left off... or else it takes very little time for the software to scan through the area that has already been successfully defragmented.
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    Why dont you just let your laptop run using its battery.
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    Whew, thanks.

    I was thinking about that, but I am not sure how I will carry it with my other things (mainly books).
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    Not to worry. It's already done 3 hours of shuffling sectors around.

    When next you check the % of fragmentation you should see it significantly reduced.

    Just be sure that you quit through program control and not abruptly just pulling the plug. (And even at that, it should most likely still be ok. I merely suggest that more from superstition and lack of trust in Microsoft error paths.)
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