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Quick question on notation

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    How would you write mathematically "As P approaches zero from the negative side". Is it something like P --> -0 ?

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    the usual notation is
    [tex]\lim_{x \rightarrow 0^-}.[/tex]
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    You'd want the 'minus' where an exponent would be, usually something like [tex]P\rightarrow 0^{-}[/tex]
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    [itex]P \to 0^-[/itex]. The "-" is on the right side of the number, which makes sense because this way you can use it for negative or positive numbers, otherwise, how could you tell if you meant that P was approaching -5, or approaching positive 5 from the left? So "-" means approaching from the left, and in the case of positive numbers, the left isn't "the negative side" (although it is closer to the negative numbers). Also, this could be written as: [itex]P \uparrow 0[/itex] but you don't see that most of the time.
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    Thank you all for the answers!
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