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A Quick question, string theory introduction, lightcone gauge

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    Lightcone gauge is ##X^u=\tau=1/\sqrt{2}(X^0+X^{D-1})## (1)

    The mode expansions are:

    My book says 'it is possible to solve for one of the oscillators in terms of all the others' with this relation.

    What is a oscillator? Is this any of the ##X^{D}## coordinates, what exactly does ##n## represent, 'frequencies' of a given oscillator?

    Does the notation ## X^{D-1}## refer to any spatial coordinate that is the preferred choice?

    So basically the relation (1) reduces the number of equations to solve by one, is this what this statement means?
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    I think X0 is the infinite momentum direction i.e. the direction in which the string is travelling. XD-1 are the dimensions perpendicular to X0, the -1 is to remove the time dimension. Each string comprises a number of mass points which are described as harmonic oscillators, n is the number of the oscillator in the string.
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