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Homework Help: Quick Question

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    You have a cylinder (with radius R) rolling horizontally on a surface with kinetic friction of u(mu). I understand that the horizontal acceleration is u*g b/c:

    ma = u*(mg)
    a = u*g

    and then you have

    a = r (alpha_z)

    thus I'd figure alpha_z is just u*g/R, but the book gives a solution of:

    -2 u*g/R

    Basically, what's the reasoning?
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    Also, I have this problem related to this previous problem:

    The cylinder is initially slipping completely, so initially omega_z = omega_o but v_x = 0. Rolling without slipping sets in when v_x = R(omega_z). Calculate the distance the cylinder rolls before slipping stops.
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    Oh yeah, could you please use the homework posting template? Thanks.
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