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Quick question

  1. Nov 16, 2007 #1
    How do you convert 4.10x10^4 N/M^3 to N/M or is it the same thing?
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    Umm, how do you convert a cubic foot to feet?

    You haven't given enough information.

    Is this a pressure problem, like a body with a pressure of X N/M^3 is released in direction Y and what is the resultant force in N/M in direction X, or Y, or Z?

    Bottom line, need more info.
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    The question gave me that as a spring constant. in the example Which is very similar the spring constant was in N/M as opposed the question which was in N/M^3
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    A "spring constant" can't have units of N/M^3. N/M means that the strength of the force changes linearly as the length of the spring changes. "N/M^3" would mean that the strength of the spring changes linearly as the volume of the spring changes. What "volume of the spring" are you talking about?
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