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Quick Questionnaire

  1. Apr 12, 2004 #1
    I'm supposed to posit the following questions to an engineer for a project:

    How did you become interested in engineering?

    What is the best educational preparation for this field?

    What kind of growth patterns are you seeing in engineering that I should consider in my decisions?

    From your experience with individuals in engineering, what personal attributes do you think are essential for success?

    Which professional journals and organizations should I know about in this field?

    What skills are needed in engineering and which ones should I be concentrating on at this point in my education?

    What experiences have you had that have been invaluable to you in learning your job?

    What is a typical workday like?

    What are some of the difficulties of engineering and what motivates you to stay in spite of them?

    What types of advancement opportunities are available in engineering?

    What else should I know in order to make an informed decision about going into this field?

    Can you recommend someone else for me to talk to in this field? When I contact him/her, may I use your name?

    Do you know of comparable job titles I should be exploring in engineering?

    Are you aware of experiential learning opportunities such as internships or summer employment? If so, what class level of college students do you accept? Who should I contact for more information?

    If you have the inclination to answer, you may either respond to this thread or send me a PM.
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