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Quick questions for smart people

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    Are oat bran and Quaker oats the same thing? Oh and is it okay to add coffee grounds to muffins, and if so how much? Thanks.
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    Quaker Oats is a specific product sold by a company. The plain ol' Quaker Oats are rolled oats. You can just read the list of ingredients. I like http://www.wholehealthmd.com/refshelf/foods_view/1,1523,73,00.html [Broken] (that page lists info about oats) -- you might want to browse around it.

    Sure, you can put coffee grounds in muffins (how much depends on what you want the end product to be), but why would you want to? Have you ever eaten coffee grounds? Heh, I have, and I don't think they're very tasty. And AFAIK, they're not nutritious either. Do you just want caffeine?
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    It says Quaker oats are "rolled oats", and oat bran is the outer part of the grain (different thing). It said oat bran, but I mistakenly used rolled oats. whatever.
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    The amount of coffee grounds you put in a muffin should be entirely dependant on just how foul you wish it to taste. :tongue:
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    I would think if you wanted coffee flaver, to add a few teaspoons of instant coffee to the batch.
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    Have any of you ever eaten chocolate covered espresso beans? They're awesome! And ofcourse you can put ground coffee in muffins. Espresso beans would probably be better though. You want to either grind them extremely fine or you can make it more course but then you should probably make the amount of grounds smaller.
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    Chi Meson

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    I'm thinking of the time Dilbert substituted cheese when the recipie called for yogurt.
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