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Quick quick Java question

  1. Sep 30, 2005 #1
    :redface: Is there a way to convert a character representation of an integer into an integer (with integer representation :rolleyes:)?
    *for example (I'll add 8 to a certain digit in an integer),

    String nmbr; //where I enter a number
    int pst; //an integer representing the position of that digit in the number

    System.out.println( nmbr.charAt(pst) + 8 );

    Obviously, I cannot add a character and an integer. Thus, I change to:

    System.out.println( Integer.parseInt(String.valueOf(nmbr.charAt(pst))) + 8 );

    and it works, no compiling errors.

    *However, is there a shorter way of converting a character representation of an integer to...well, an integer? :frown: Shorter than typing out:

    " Integer.parseInt(String.valueOf(nmbr.charAt(pst))) " ?
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