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Quick swimmer's motion question

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    A swimmer is capable of swimming 1.15 m/s in still water.
    (a) If she aims her body directly across a 150 m wide river whose current is 0.80 m/s, how far downstream (from a point opposite her starting point) will she land?
    :cry: I have tried this twice and I have gotten the wrong answer does anyone know how I am supposed to do this?
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    The swimmer's motion will have 2 components, one across the river and one downsteam (carried by the current). The resulting motion will be the vector addition of the 2 components.
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    The nice thing about the "components" hotvette mentioned is that you can work with them completely separately.

    If there were no current at all, how long would it take this swimmer to cross the river?

    Now include the current- in the time you just calculated, how far downstream will the current carry her?
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