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Quick Vector Question

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    Hi, I haven't done vectors in a while and just wondering if someone could refresh my memory in solving this question for me:

    line 1: r = (i + 2j - 3k) + m(4i - 5j -3k)

    line 2: r = (4i - 4j + 3k) + n(i - 2j + 2k)

    Point C with pos. vector (2i - k) lies on line 2. Find the shortest distance from C to line 1

    Cheers, ul probs find this no probs!

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    the line segment joining C with a point P on line 1 must be normal on line 1 in order to yield the shortest distance
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    Check the wording of the problem again. It is fairly straight forward to find the distance from point C to line 1 (most calculus books have a formula) and line 2 is completely irrelevant- but C is NOT on line 2!
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