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Homework Help: Quickie! I think I got it, but I need some help!

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    i have a small question...okay heres the problem:
    A stunt car is driven along a flat train car. The stunt car is moving toward the engine of the trani. how would you calculate the velocity of the stunt car relative to Earth?
    I put. . .'You would find the velocity of the ____ then the velocity of the stunt car. Then subtract using V2-V1...' Do i find the velocity of the train? And if it is the train, then is that V2?
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    Chi Meson

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    If I understand you correctly: the stunt automobile is on a flat-bed car which is part of a train? And the automobile is moving toward the engine?

    If that is the case, then the velocity of the train (w/respect to the earth) and the velocity of the automobile (w/respect to the train) is added together to get the velocity of the car with respect to earth.
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