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Quicky on (div)B

  1. May 16, 2007 #1
    Hey there,

    can someone give me a nice explanation as to why (div)B = 0 implies there are no magnetic monopoles?

    If you could explain mathematically and or intuitively I'd be really grateful as I've 'known' this fact for years, but never really understood.
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    Doc Al

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    Ok, I'll take a look, thanks!
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    To answer that question you would need to rewrite Div B into an integral using gauss' law. The integral you get is the magnetic flux through a closed surface, and this then implies that the magnetic flux through any closed surface is always equal to zero. In other words, there is always a balance between magnetic southpole and magnetic northpole which exactly cancels out, so that there cannot be a surplus of one or the other inside a closed surface. This again means that there can be no magnetic monopoles.
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