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Homework Help: Quiet simple problem

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    I found this problem that is theorically simple but I can't reach the result in a satisfatory way, can anyone help me?
    It is like this, an object like a bar is suported in a wall with a certain angle "alfa" with the ground and them the contact point in the ground start to move horizontally with a constant velocity. You have to find the aceleration of it's certer of mass in function of the angle. (consider the bar homogeneous and everything else, the contact point with the wall and the ground still in contact during all the problem)
    That is it.
    Thank you.

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    Doc Al

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    Assume the bar has a length L. You should be able to write an expression for the coordinates of the center of mass in terms of the coordinate of the ground contact point. And that contact point coordinate can be expressed in terms of the angle that the bar makes with the wall.
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