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Quiet Supersonic Flight?

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    Quiet supersonic flight is an intriguing idea. Is it possible? We'll see perhaps this year.

    I'd be curious about the cabin noise, as well as the external noise.

    Spike Aerospace expands quiet supersonic aircraft development
    Engineering is on track for a first flight of a subsonic prototype of the jet by late summer of 2017.

    Spike Aerospace evaluating engines for supersonic jet
    Two major suppliers being evaluated for S-512 supersonic business jet.




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    What does quiet mean? Quiet compared to current supersonic aircraft, but loud compared to subsonic aircraft? Similar to subsonic aircraft?

    Just 18 passengers, and they want to be competitive with big subsonic aircraft? Even without the supersonic flight that sounds questionable.
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    “Quiet supersonic flight” is as mythical as “clean coal”. I think it is marketing at it's best.
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    It's not mythical, really. There's been a lot of research on it by legit entities over the last 20 years. The tech largely exists. It's mostly a matter of time and regulations at this point.

    Spike Aerospace I'd hardly the leader I'm the sector, though. There are other players who are pretty far along.
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    Since the retirement of Concorde there have been quite a few proposals for supersonic business jets for people who are willing to pay a premium to get somewhere fast. Aerion has been working on a design for several years now with help from Airbus.
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    Quiet here means the pressure wave from the aircrafts passage is spread out sufficiently that the sound perceived becomes a rumble rather than a bang.
    That is much less troublesome, as the startle aspect is eliminated.
    Whether that can be achieved in an aircraft that has acceptable performance economically and environmentally is still open.
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