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Homework Help: Quiky question before my test tommorow morning

  1. Sep 21, 2004 #1
    quiky question before my test tommorow morning!!!

    i can't believe i duno where to find out how to do this:

    1) find intersections of the graphs:


    2)which of the following function is equivalent to the following piece function.

    x-3, if x>=3
    3-x, if x<3

    a) g(x)=|x-3| b) g(x)=|x+3| c) g(x)=-|x-3| d)-|x+3| e) none of these

    this is off like a study guide checklist for the test.
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    Rearrange x + 2y = 6 to get x = 6 - 2y. Then plug this into x2 + y2 = 41. You get:

    (6 - 2y)2 + y2 - 41 = 0
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